TELEPHONEME | MK12 from MK12 on Vimeo.


Just move from miami to NYC (williamsburg)
so what better way to introduce and update than a VOTD by
one of my favorite companies MK12...enjoy


Seaweed from Tell No One on Vimeo.


Ecko Artifaks from 4Dthieves on Vimeo.

Lucky Finds # 2


GreyScale Gorilla

Lucky Finds # 1

"Minimalist Design Magazine is a showcase and design gallery featuring the best modern and minimalist design today. Magazine is edited by a small team of minimalist enthusiasts."



Blockhead - The Music Scene from Ninja Tune on Vimeo.

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Skinned Smartly Entry

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Skinned Smartly

"The smart fortwo (or more commonly known as "smart car") is the perfect fit for a ton of reasons. It’s easy on the eyes, which helps with your street cred, and it’s good for the earth (it‘s 95% recyclable!), which helps with your forest cred. Need to find street parking? The smart car can parallel with ease in the slimmest of availabilities. The smart car fits with your needs and looks great doing it. But now you have the chance to show how it can fit even more perfectly into artists’ lives like yours."

More Info at: http://news.deviantart.com/article/121966/